How to Fertilize and Feed Encore Azaleas

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Feeding azaleas

It's time to fertilize and water! Follow these guidlines and watch your Encore Azaleas thirive.

Fertilizing Your Encore Azaleas

Like all living things, Encore Azaleas must be fed.

•  When it comes to fertilizer, ask at your local garden center for a well-balanced, slow release, granular azalea/camellia fertilizer.

•  Whatever brand you choose, apply according to label instructions, and water well.

•  Fertilize once at the beginning of each spring — after the fear of frost has passed. You may find that this will be the only time you need to fertilize. However, if you feel you need to fertilize again, do so before August. Azaleas are sensitive to heavy fertilization. Fertilizing after August will encourage new, tender growth that can be damaged by early frost.

• For an added nutrient boost you can also apply liquid fertilizer directly to the foliage and roots. Just follow label directions and use once every two weeks or so.

Watering Your Encore Azaleas

•  Spring & Summer Planting Care: Water your Encore Azalea well when you first plant it, and keep the soil moist until winter. New azaleas will die quickly if the soil dries excessively. Your new Encore Azalea should not need regular watering after the first year unless there are periods of excessive drought. Fertilize with the recommended levels of azalea feed soon after planting. Do not fertilize after August.

•  Fall & Winter Planting Care: Encore Azaleas do well when they are planted at this time. New roots produced in the fall will help the azalea flourish in the next growing season. Although less watering is necessary, do not allow the roots to become dry. Cover your young azalea with insulating covering when extreme cold weather approaches. As your Encore Azalea matures, it will need less winter care.

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