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Encore Azaleas in the Landscape

All About Encore Azaleas

Encore® Azaleas have been in the marketplace for over 15 years and are well known to be hardy, low-maintenance, reblooming and to add vivid multi seasonal color to the landscape. Encore® Azaleas have an established reputation in the plant industry like no other azalea.

Encore® Azaleas have 31 varieties of rich, colorful bloom colors and sizes to choose from.

Where to Plant

Encore Azaleas are recommended for zones 7 to 10 and are especially cold and heat hardy -- and most have shown a higher resistance to insect pests than traditional azaleas. University cold-hardiness trials also suggest that many varieties of Encore Azalea are suitable for zones 6b and 6a.

Learn more about why Encore’s are the best azalea you’ll ever plant.

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