EncoreĀ® Azaleas Are the Most Sun Tolerant

Did you know that Encore® Azaleas are the most sun tolerant of all reblooming azaleas?

The ideal planting environment provides 4-6 hours of direct sunlight, with some shade during the afternoon heat.

You can enjoy 31 varieties of Encore® Azaleas in climates with full sun. Unlike traditional azaleas, Encore® Azaleas can tolerate full sun. In fact, 4-6 hours of direct or even high filtered shade will ensure optimal blooming and growth. Some shade during the afternoon heat is also encouraged.

View the full collection of Encore Azaleas here. Also be sure to check out the Encore® Azalea Care video and Encore® Azalea planting instructions.

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Encore Azaleas in the Sunlight