Create Wreaths and Swags with Encore® Azaleas

The Encore® Azalea curtain doesn’t have to close with dormant winter, you can still use their evergreen foliage to create wreaths and swags.

For an extra pop of color and fun, paint the leaves red, silver, or gold!

Remember to keep your foliage fresh by placing wreaths and swags away from the sun and heat and use floral foam bases or anti-desiccant spray to maintain moisture.

How to Create a Wreath

1.  Select materials for the base of the wreath. Choose inexpensive wreath from your local craft store. You can also choose to purchase a Styrofoam or grapevine wreath base.

2.  Cut several Encore® Azalea branches of varying lengths to fill in/cover the wreath’s base. Use lightweight floral wire or other flexible and sturdy, but lightweight material to secure the branches on the base.

3.  Once the base is covered, add color by gluing on red berries and glittered leaves.

How to Create a Swag

1.  Purchase a eucalyptus swag from your local craft store.

2.  Cut several Encore® Azalea branches of varying lengths.

3.  Connect the stems to the swag, using lightweight floral wire.

4.  If desired, add color by gluing on painted or glittered leaves.

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