Tailgating with Encore® Azaleas

There is something special about celebrating game day by gathering around an open tailgate/and or a portable table spread with a feast of grilled burgers and other finger-licking goodies. It’s a great excuse to visit with other fans and to kick back and have a good time. This rich tradition is not complete without some decorations, and the bold blooms of fall-blooming Encore Azaleas will add a festive note to the scene. Encores come in a range of colors, including shades of red, coral, white, and purple, and there is sure to be one to coordinate with your team colors. 

1. Try elevating a container of Encore Azaleas in the middle of a large tub. Then surround with ice and refreshing beverages. 

2. Paint mason jars in team colors or a football motif and fill with additional Encore Azalea blooms. 

3. For even more easy color, sit Encore Azaleas in nursery pots around your tailgate. Simply spray paint the nursery pots with appropriate colors. Slip the azaleas out of the pots prior to spraying, and then return them to the pots once they are dry. Later you can plant your Encore azaleas and enjoy their year-round appeal.