Get More Curb Appeal with Encore® Azaleas

Curb appeal, the term realtors use to refer to the allure of a front yard and entryway, is important when selling a house. But it is about more than marketing. It's about creating a landscape style that reflects your personal style and welcomes visitors to your home.

You can boost your curb appeal with ease by using Encore® Azaleas.

The wide selection of plant sizes and bloom colors found in Encore Azalea's 31 varieties are perfect for beautifying the front yard or even the front porch. Plus, Encore's unique reblooming and evergreen qualities ensure your style is visible year-round. 

An investment in the front yard pays great dividends. Proper landscaping adds up to 15 percent to a home's value and the cost of landscaping pays for itself five to 10 times over.

Shrubs are considered one of the best investments in a landscape, and Encore Azalea offers many color and size options from which to choose. The only hard part will be narrowing down your options!

Here are 3 easy steps to help you get started:

1. The first step in developing curb appeal is to determine how much time and money you want to invest in the space between your curb and the front door. 

If your time and budget are limited, boost your curb appeal by placing a few pretty containers filled with Encore Azalea’s dwarf varieties on your front steps or at your front door.

2. Create a few splashes of color in the front yard! 

Any of Encore Azalea’s 31 varieties can be planted strategically in the landscape to provide color from spring through fall, and sometimes even into the winter. Simply planting them around a mailbox or in a flowerbed will do the trick.

3. Establish a mass planting of Encores on slopes or in flowerbeds or as a hedge along walkways and property lines.

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Encore Azalea is the best azalea you'll ever plant. Encore Azaleas are the world's best-selling re-blooming azalea with rich, colorful blooms in spring, summer and fall. Encore Azaleas have 31 varieties of bloom colors and sizes to choose from and thrive equally well in high filtered shade or sunny locations - unlike any other azalea in the world. Find a retailer near you at