Add vibrant color to a green landscape with Encore® Azaleas

Gardens benefit from having a defined evergreen backdrop, but don’t think you have to rely on boxwoods. The overuse of boxwoods has sometimes led to repetitive green landscapes that do little to excite the senses.

Densely leafed, evergreen Encore Azaleas offer a colorful alternative.

Wake up a dull yard with Encore spring, summer and fall blooms in shades of pink, red, purple, and white. When they are not blooming, their evergreen structure will continue to contribute to your garden, adding form and substance to the landscape. The leaves of some Encore varieties will also turn lovely shades of purple and bronze during cold weather, creating additional winter interest.

You can utilize Encores in the same way boxwoods are used.

Design background hedges with Encores, or have them outline garden beds and borders. Use them to soften the hard edges of a paved drive or courtyard. Put dwarfs in large pots to create grandeur on your deck, patio, or out in the garden.

Encore Azaleas are naturally well behaved and require little pruning.

Dwarf varieties grow more slowly. If you like the rounded shape of traditional boxwoods, you can maintain a similar look with your Encores. Prune immediately after the first flush of blooms in spring to avoid cutting off buds for the next bloom cycle.

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