3 Easy Tips for Successful Encore® Azalea Planting

The cooler temperatures of fall have arrived and it is a great time to plant Encore Azaleas. The milder autumn weather allows the newly planted azaleas to establish themselves more easily in the soil. 

Here are 3 Easy Tips for Successful Encore Azalea planting:


1.  Always remember that azaleas thrive in slightly acidic, well drained soil that contains high amounts of decomposed organic material. 

2.  Avoid heavy pruning and/or applying of fertilizer to azaleas in the fall; this may force the plant into new growth before frost approaches.

*This tender new growth could get damaged when temperatures drop to below freezing.

3.  Mulch the newly planted Encore® Azaleas with three inches or less of pine bark nuggets or pine needles.

Azaleas in Fall Blooming Cycle at the LSU AgCenter
*Mulch will help maintain soil moisture, help control weeds and help protect the azalea roots during temperature extremes.