Bring the Beauty Indoors: How to decorate with Encore Azaleas

A beautifully arranged table will set the tone for a special meal with your family and guests. See Video below!

Fall is a great time to bring the beauty of Encore azaleas inside, and whether it is a casual brunch or a formal dinner, even the food may seem better when presented amidst a tablescape using their gorgeous blooms. While many other shrubs are preparing for dormancy, Encore azaleas deliver another round of blossoms, and they offer a rich palette of colors to coordinate with your fall and holiday décor. 

It is not difficult to create a stunning centerpiece for your autumn tablescape with Encores. Simply snip some of their flowers and arrange them in a container of fresh water, or push their stems into wet floral foam or oasis. Use your imagination when choosing containers, and bring out your favorite dishes and accessories. Be sure your arrangement is short enough to allow people to converse with each other without having to peek around the flowers. 

For example: To create a lovely fall centerpiece, place an arrangement of Encores in the center of a rectangular rustic tray. Surround the Encores with apples and maybe even add lights! Nestle small pumpkins, pinecones, nuts and fruit into the dried moss around the Encores. Push the stems of additional azalea blooms into the oasis for more color and to fill gaps throughout the tray.