Easy Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Roses and chocolates for your Valentine are always welcome gifts, but if you want to express your love or affection for years to come, try an Encore Azalea.

Whether used in containers or the landscape, Encore® Azalea’s repeat blooms spring through fall will delight and serve as a reminder of your affection and thoughtfulness.

With 31 varieties from which to choose, you may select a bloom color to convey special meaning, as well as an appropriate size for your recipient.

Choose a red Encore® variety to convey love and respect; pink for admiration or happiness; coral for enthusiasm and warmth; lavender for enchantment; white for purity, innocence or reverence; or a bi-colored variety to represent unity.

While a potted Encore® Azalea alone is a stunning gift, a few thoughtful details will increase its appeal. Here are four easy enhancements:

Choose a striking container and plant it.


Wrap the nursery pot in Valentine themed paper and ribbons


If you selected a dwarf variety, prune it into a bonsai.


Create a gift package with other tokens of affection. For the gardener in your life, add gardening tools and supplies, books, or a magazine subscription.

Finally, you can rest assured knowing the Encore® Azalea you select not only has year round appeal, it will be a breeze to care for, too.