Extend Spring With Late-Blooming Encore® Azaleas

By Norman Winter

Every gardener has wished they could extend the spring blooming season – and with Encore® Azaleas you can.

Every gardener has wished they could extend the spring blooming season – and with Encore®Azaleas you can. Sure, they repeat bloom giving you incredible blooms even into late fall, but there are several Encore®Azaleas known to offer you the ultimate in spring extending options. 

We invite you to check out the latest Encore Azalea Bloom Times Chart. This will help you plan your garden to maximize azalea bloom from early spring through late fall. You will find there are four Encore®Azaleas that kick off their dazzling show of blooms in late spring – Autumn Carnival™Autumn Sweetheart™Autumn Bravo™ and Autumn Angel™

These four give you two shades of pink, one red and a glistening white that will combine wonderfully with each. We at Encore are passionate for pink, and offer thirteen incredible choices. In this color realm the late-blooming Autumn Carnival™ and Autumn Sweetheart™ represent two of the finest pink selections in the market place.  

The name Autumn Carnival™ gives you a clear signal that this azalea is rich and vibrant. The semi-double blossoms make you want to celebrate. The plant is compact, or dwarf, reaching 3-feet tall and more than 3-feet in width, making it the perfect partner for the late blooming white selection, Autumn Angel™.

Autumn Angel™ has much the same habit – the flowers, however, are single, larger and produced in plentiful quantities. This shimmering white will not only complement Autumn Carnival™, but will reflect moonlight – giving you a late evening garden of excitement, plus help define borders and pathways.

All colors seem to be enhanced by the addition of a contrasting white like that presented by Autumn Angel™. Take for instance, the idea of combining white with the searing or flaming red produced by Autumn Bravo™. This plant is much larger – reaching 4-feet in height and more than 4-feet in width.

This large stature allows for creating a layered look with Autumn Angel™. Just imagine a 4-foot-tall red Autumn Bravo™ behind the smaller Autumn Angel™with larger pristine white blooms. You and the neighbors will be both be thrilled at this contrast of color.

Perhaps you love the idea of the layered look, but red is not your first pick. Then the light pink Autumn Sweetheart™ and Autumn Angel™ may just let you create the prefect partnership for late spring. Autumn Sweetheart™ reaches 4-feet in height and width and produces light pink semi-double blossoms that appear to be stippled with dark lavender freckles. Many gardeners consider this companionship of pink and white to be the primary colors of Easter and the Spring season. 

Late blooming Encores offer you the opportunity to really spread out your season of azalea bloom. We hope that you will use our Encore® Azalea Bloom Times chart and select some of each – early, mid, and late season selections – to extend and carry out your favorite color scheme. When your neighbors enviously ask why your azaleas always blooming, you can simply say they are Encores, of course.