Holiday Decorating with Encore® Azaleas

Switch things up this holiday season and get creative with Encore Azaleas.

Easy ways to decorate with Encore Azaleas this holiday season:


1.  Tired of the same old mums?

Container plant Encore Azaleas instead.  Encore Azalea varieties grow beautifully in containers. Select a smaller variety to fit your chosen container, or start small with a larger variety that you will transplant into the yard this spring.

2.  Want a lasting alternative to Poinsettias?

Container plant and decorate with Encore Azaleas with red blooms such as Autumn Bravo™ and Autumn Ruby™.

3.  Prune small branches of Encore Azaleas for centerpieces.

Combine them with holiday evoking pine and holly or place in their own vase. Just remember – they do best when the stems are kept wet

4.  Complement traditional garland, wreaths, and swags with Encore Azalea foliage. 

Place clippings in and around decorations for additional color, texture, and depth.  Replace old clippings with newer ones to maintain vibrancy and life.  To learn how to create wreaths and swags using Encore Azaleas, click here.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday season!

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