Top 5 Cures For a Gardener’s Winter Blues

Do you feel dreary when your garden goes dormant and your garden lies sleeping under a blanket of dull browns and gray?

Chin up! Here are five ways to banish the winter blues:

1. Assess your garden.

Winter is the perfect time to evaluate your garden. Put on warm clothes and take a walk around your yard. With flowers and deciduous foliage stripped away, you can easily assess a garden’s structure. Does your garden have good “bones?” A great garden has an evergreen structure that holds its beauty throughout the year. 

Are there areas out of balance? Is there an unsightly view that needs screening? Are there boring spots that need winter interest? 

Evergreen Encore Azaleas may be just what your garden needs! Encores range in size from dwarfs of a couple of feet to those that will grow to more than 5 feet tall.  They also boast a variety of blooms, as well as foliage, many with leaves that turn bronze or red during cooler months.

When you come in from your walk in your winter garden, pour yourself a hot drink and settle down in a comfortable chair to dream of how beautiful your garden can be!

2. Study catalogues and websites

Learn all about Encore Azaleas. Use the garden advice section of our wesbite. Dream big!

3. Make your plans a reality:

Shop! Choose Encore Azalea varieties that fit your needs, and use our online retail finder to located an Encore Azalea retailer near you.

4. Plant

If you live in a warm region where soil does not freeze in the winter, you can plant your Encores during cooler months. Enjoy beneficial exercise and invigorating air as you plant your new Encores. Their roots will grow even as the rest of the garden is sleeping. If you have azaleas located in the wrong place, this is also a great time to transplant. When spring rolls around, your Encores will be ready to bloom and contribute even more beauty to your garden.

5. Don’t despair 

If your garden is buried under snow and your ground is frozen during the winter. You can bring potted Encore Azaleas inside until spring arrives. Put them in a spot away from drafts or heating vents, and be sure they receive bright indirect light for at least six hours a day. Place in pretty pots to complement your décor; they will be an asset to your room, and their lovely foliage will surely cheer you.