Use Encores to Create Mini-Trio Centerpieces

Autumn Moonlight Azalea in a trio of white vases.

The great advantage to Encore Azaleas is their multi-seasonal blooming in marvelous shades of pink, purple, red and white. Admire them in your garden, but also bring their blooms indoors to add beauty to your interior décor through the seasons. 

Do you think flower arranging is difficult? It doesn’t have to be!

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Snip blooms & place in a simple grouping of containers

Choose a variety of small containers to make charming centerpieces for your table or mantel. Simple vessels gain impact when grouped in odd numbers. Groups of three, or mini-trios, are always appealing. 

2. Get creative with your choice of vessel

Clear glass vases work well with blooms of any color, or choose pieces of your favorite china. Teacups or mugs work well. Consider votive candleholders, small pitchers or teapots, rustic boxes, watering cans, or decorative tin cans. Anything that holds water is a candidate. Even if it is not watertight, it can still be used if it can hold a plastic or glass jar. 

3. Use single blooms or clusters

Depending on the size of your receptacles, use a single blossom or a small cluster of flowers for each. Consider a couple of shoots with just-opening azalea buds.

4. For best results 

Cut your stems so they are a little shorter than your container. Remove leaves below the water line, but leave a few above to support the blooms. Be sure to change the water daily to keep your azaleas fresh, and enjoy!

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